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DTL - Antivirus Protection Report, Jul-Sep 2014


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Interesting test. Even quite interesting scoring they used there.


But this in the FAQ (page 19)...

  • This test was unsponsored.

Okay, but...

What is the difference between a vendor and a partner vendor?
Partner vendors contribute financially to the test in return for a preview of the results, an opportunity to challenge results before publication and the right to use award logos in marketing material. Other participants first see the results on the day of publication and may not use award logos for any purpose.

Ehm...? :unsure:


Additionally no one knows who the "Partner vendors" are!

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Sorry, i've got no idea about that mate :)


Checking vendor websites for any DTL "award logos" may be one way to find out, although quite time consuming to do that.


I have started to like DTL better than AV-test, plus the way DTL represent the results is much easier to understand.

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The testing and the PDF itself I find quite good too.


It's just a little confusing funding.

And you could even dislike this kind of funding generally - Are they really independent if they get money from some of the tested companies?

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I understand, I am not sure how this works with DTL. I guess you can send an email to Simon if you want and maybe he can share some info about the funding part.


But with AV-C afaik all vendors pays the same fee for the main test series.

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