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Endpoint Antivirus on Manjaro wont start nor be activated


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Hello ,


im trying to get Enpoint Antivirus running on Manjaro, but when im trying to activate it, i get following message.

  ESET Endpoint Antivirus-Fehler: Text (Cannot reload module ${Module}: ${Reason}:${Module}=Lokalisierungsunterstützung-Modul|#{Reason}=336592897) kann nicht lokalisiert werden
ESET Endpoint Antivirus-Fehler: Text (Cannot connect to ${Addr}: ${Reason}:${Addr}=Confd|#{Reason}=336592934) kann nicht lokalisiert werden


Any Ideas?


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It appears that the Translation support module could not be loaded, probably it was not found on the disk. Did you try running manual update or reinstalling Endpoint?


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