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Cyber Security Version: 7.3.2100.0 Big backwards step

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This is just a rant in the hope it may get back to the developers as i cant find a a way of contacting them to tell them of my dissatisfaction...

I'm a reseller and I have now installed 4 copies of Cyber Security Version: 7.3.2100.0, I normally configure them to clean or delete any threats & set a scheduled scan as i always do,  I've found normal end users (one who don't have a clue about computers) don't know what to do if presented with a window saying threats found and what to about them which is why i configure them the way i do as standard.

I found that there is now no possible way of configuring Cyber Security to do anything, the ones i've installed don't even kick of a scan after install, so we now have a product that can't be configured to scan once a week does not scan itself after install, so if there are viruses etc on the system they will not be picked up.

I have sold Eset AV for virtually 30 years and have never seen such a stupid decision to omit any type of configuration whatsoever, users typically don't scan their system which is why i always add it in.

I did ring Eset support to find out where the config had gone and was told its meant to be like that, unconfigurable  how Crazy..

To any developers seeing this, please add configuration back to the next revision as this is a very big backward step from the normal Eset products.


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @NeilB,

thank you for the feedback provided.
The initial release comes with a features, which are essential for our users and we are aware of the demand for the additional features.

When it comes to protection, key component is the Real-time file system protection so if a file is being executed, accessed or created it is scanned by the product to ensure the protection.

A release with the Advanced preferences included is planned in upcoming weeks, it will improve the user experience for advanced users...


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This should have been an alpha or beta release. I have never been so disappointed an an eset product update, and I have been a customer for almost 20 years! Immediately uninstalled and reinstalled the latest 6.x version.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @bart_c,

I understand that for the advanced users, it might be a step back in terms of the ability to configure / fine-tune the product, but for standard users or even advanced ones it brings features for which there was quite high demand, like the apple silicon native version to name just one of many.
On top of that one user mentioned that the new version improved significantly performance of the time machine backups, which is often reported by users as an issue...

As I mentioned the version with the Advanced preferences available is to be release quote soon, so hopefully it will fit your needs and preferences...


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