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ESET Protect 10 Client Module Updates without internet

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We are on ESET Protect Server 10 virtual appliance. We are trying to deploy Protect to a VM that does not have internet access. The module update fails because the VM does not have internet access. As far as I can see, the VA does not support ESET Bridge. Is there a setting to allow the ESET Protect VA to cache module and signature updates for clients? 



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Hello @sreece,

how would you like the VA to cache the updates as it is not supposed to have internet access?

As of now the ESET PROTECT VA has Apache HTTP proxy integrated in order to cache / forward the traffic for the clients, see https://help.eset.com/protect_deploy_va/10.0/en-US/enable_apache_http_proxy.html

What is the use case? Is it a completely offline environment or why the ESET PROECT VA should not have the internet access? 


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