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ESET SysRescue - won't list disk

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Hey there,

there's a keylogger on my colleagues computer, and I can't seem to get a rid of it. So I tried to use ESET SysRescue, but it won't show the drive.

I turned off the BitLocker, there's not password to the computer, so the computer doesn't add key to the encryption of the drive via BiOS/UEFi, so the drive should be fully visible for the Linux ESET SysRescue disk [I just wish You didn't abandon the WinPE version :(].

Anyway, do I need some special driver for the disk to be found? Like when I install the system and sometimes I need NVMe driver for the controller [e.g. Intel RSTe Controller driver, or Samsung NVMe driver, etc?]

Please let me know, all I see for scanning is the drive it self and its boot sector :(

Thank You!

With best regards


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Hey there @Marcos! Thank You for Your super fast reaction! Well, I haven't triued that. I can tell You that I see the disk in Acronis True Image both Linux and WinPE version, but I don't know about Ubuntu.

I'll try it tomorrow with my colleague and will let You know, okay? Thank You for now! :)

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