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Three suggestions to enhance the functionality of ESET Smart Security.

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1. I would like to have the option to set automatic virus scanning functions:

a. Quick scan: only on critical parts (e.g. daily)

b. More extensive (e.g. system disk) weekly

c. Comprehensive scan (for all media attached to the computer)

The significance of these is that they would always be checks with the latest update and thus catch any pathogens that may have been downloaded but not yet identified at the time of download in time before they can be activated.

2. My second suggestion would be to have a widget on the desktop that would show the current security status of the system and the number of possible error messages, which could be clicked on to open the message in the program.

3. And my third suggestion is that there should be a system-wide vulnerability scan, which could be used to fix the flaws (e.g. operating system misconfiguration, open ports, etc.) that would make virus infection and hacker attacks more difficult.

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Please be advised that there is a "Future changes to..." topic in each product's forum which serves for posting ideas for improvements or wishes.

1, There are already startup scans (quick scans) which run automatically at the system start or after a module update. An automatic full disk scan is not necessary for protection; possible threats would be detected upon access, execution or extraction from archives. On-demand scans can be cpu intensive with negative impact on overall system performance so we don't recommend running them too often.

2, There are no such plans for a desktop widget. If there's an issue, the protection status changes to yellow or red and a notification pops up on the desktop to inform the user that something is wrong and attention is required.

3, Patch management is planned to be added this year in higher-tier business products. Currently we do not plan to offer it for home users but this may change in the future.

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