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Trouble creating a critical devices report.

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I've created a report template for critical devices. My plan is that this report will include any device that is in error state and recognized as a security risk.

I added data such as Computer.Severity, Computer.Computer name and Computer.Computer description. I would like to be sorted by severity and computer name.

Filters are set like this:


Computer . Computer description has value


 AND Computer . Computer name    has value


    AND Computer . Severity is one of Error's


Report is included in a task that informs us via email that there's a critical device or devices and need attention ASAP. Problem is that it's always empty although a device has critical status.

I would appreciate it very much if someone has any idea how to change template so that I will see the critical device (hostname) in the report.

Thank you and take care.

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Are you attempting to create a dynamic group with troublesome computers or reports? You mentioned reports but it's dynamic groups which support logical operators for expressions.

If you attempt to create a report, would you like one like this or what would you like to have reported?


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I've already created a dynamic group for such devices and is set as a trigger for the report. That part works fine only the data of the report is the issue. It's always empty.

Filters on the photo would work for me, yes. Would remove a filter or two otherwise looks like it might help. I assume the photo is of a preview in the template?

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It helped me realize that I had too much filters setup in the report. I changed and left only Functionality/Protection Problems . Severity is one of Error's and data appears as expected.

Thank you very much.

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