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ESET's Secure Data Feature is Only Enabling, Data-Files etc. on Computer. passwords?

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Hi I have activated the Secure data feature but as far as I remember I didn't do anything else, Still my data, files etc. Is it encrypted and protected, or do I need to do something else to get it encrypted and protected?

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1 hour ago, just said:

So as far as I understand, it's not encrypted only when you open it, right?

To begin, I don't use the feature.

My understanding is when a file is moved the previously created virtual drive, the file is created in encrypted format on that drive. To access any file on the virtual drive, you have to first provide your previously created password. Once that is done, the file will be auto decrypted and access allowed to the file.

An important point to note in the Secure Data FAQ article:


What happens if I leave "Decrypt Automatically on this Windows account" selected?
The encrypted data will be accessible without entering a password. Because this will decrease the security of your data, we do not recommend this option.

Since its a commonly known fact that hackers have stolen device logon credentials, ensure this option is disabled.

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The key thing here is this is used for encrypting select files e.g. you create an encrypted folder and put stuff inside.

I don't think this is for encrypting drives

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53 minutes ago, just said:

So just by turning on Secure Data, my files won't be encrypted at all, right?

@itman @peteyt

No you have to create a specific encrypted folder and put what you want into the folder.

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