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Windows 10 Update - Man In The Middle Attack - Tamper Update

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Hi dear managers,

Here there are many experts of security.

In many Anti Virus softwares force us to keep windows 10 update.

I am connecting to a wi-fi network and blocked all ip addresses in this network with regular windows 10 firewall and the only available ip address is : = gateway + = my own ip address

Some people from wi-fi security team told me we are working on hacking people with windows update here.

So some hours when i check windows update it hangs and some other hours later it is working.

It seems they are tampering something in the other side as Man In The Middle attack.

In another day i faced ARP poisoning from them.

Just clarify here can they hack people with windows update such that easy or not?

How can i prevent "Man In The Middle" attack and ARP poisoning?

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For MITM attack to happen , you need to be on the same network with the attacker , for example the attacker would be sitting in your WIFI or LAN network

Prevent access to your router from Internet side, update it to latest version or ask your Internet Service Provider to do so

Change your WIFI password if you feel someone is there , and I don't think that person would be connected to you through LAN(cables) , since he have to go inside your home and to your router physically

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Actually, this topic is out of scope for the forum since it doesn't directly relate to Eset products.

There is plenty of into on the web on man-in-the-middle attacks. Below are two such references:



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