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Since I have been downloaded and installed applications such as CCleaner for years, I have found this to be a safe site. So why is Eset Smart Security deems this unsafe and I continually get warning pop-up messages as being usafe.


CCleaner is bundled with toolbars (PUA bundled)

Make sure you download directly CCleaner Slim edition from official website Piriform.com ( https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds ) and If you use FileHippo or CNET download sites there is possibility of misleading by advertisements.


1. PUPS are Persistent: https://blog.malwarebytes.org/malvertising-2/2014/07/pups-are-persistent/

2. Beware! FileHippo tests adware distributing download manager: hxxp://www.ghacks.net/2014/07/08/beware-filehippo-tests-adware-distributing-download-manager/

PS. They added Active System Monitoring for Free users since CCleaner v4.18.4844. I think that it is just purpose of marketing.

Options -> Monitoring

You can disable System Monitoring and Active System Monitoring

just my 2 cents


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It is like sky7 says.


But it is not ccleaner itself that is detected but what comes with it. It should only be detected if you have enabled potentially unsafe applications in ESET. But you can also use exclusions if you like.  I don't know what they bundled now as I only use the Slim build, in the past I have heard they bundled a Google Toolbar among other things.


Yes, be sure to disable all the system monitoring stuff. They added that as it was a requested feature, well I doubt it since I only hear people complain about it. "why did you have to add this" "I don't want this crapp"...

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