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Scheduled Scans Sun - Mon - Wed - Fri ....

On random days I see in Logs a -- 7 am Scheduled Scan Completed -- AND a -- 7:01:xx Scan Did Not Run ..... THEN, at maybe 7:20something a Long Scan is Running again BUT the SCAN Page is Blank - No Activity dots, etc. ----- Current Scan I noticed at 7:29 is still running at 7:47.

Today (2/17) My LOG page shows System Startup (And/Or Module Update Scan)  ran at 5:41 WITH Log Maint;

I also see the (2/17) 7 am Scan Completed BUT the 7:01 Scan -- That Did Not Run -- shows as the Last Scan Run.

WHY am I getting days with a 7;01 Scan That Does Not Run and More Scans like  I first noticed at 7:29 still going at 7:57?



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Unfortunately it's not clear what the problem is. You have an on-demand scan task scheduled to run on certain days (at least on Monday which is visible in the screenshot) at 7:00 AM. According to the screenshots above the last scan was run on Feb 17 at 7:00 AM and another one was run one minute later, however, that one didn't scan any file. If that's what you are reporting and you can reproduce it at any time, please open a support ticket for further investigation.

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Thanks, Will Do.

As stated 1st sentence .... Sched Scans are Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri and (from log look) the 7:01 Not Scanned dates shown and Prior ARE Schedule Days BUT they are Random.

Probably more Important is ..... There is a SCAN RUNNING NOW 12:58 PM CDT but Nothing shows in the Scan Module Page. I Don't Know IF this is the Same Scan I saw first at 7:29 this morning, or another as I've been away.

I SEE a lot of Interrupted Scans in Logs Scans But I'm Not the one doing the interrupting because there is Nothing on the Scan Page to Clk - it's Blank - And I'd remember all of the Interrupted's I see..

Will Ref this Thread in Sppt Request. Thanks again.....

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I'm not sure if I fully understand the issue.

"Interrupted by user" is logged when a running scan is interrupted by the user.
"Scan did not run" is logged when a scan task is triggered while another scan task is already running. Below I executed the same scan task twice and stopped the first scan:


Maybe the column title "Last run" in Scheduler is confusing and "Last executed" would be a more appropriate term since "run" evokes that the scan was run (ie files were scanned) but in fact it was executed and stopped immediately due to another scan task already running.

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I don't doubt your examples. IF I stopped the scans (interrupted) I don't remember that  BUT just now I finally did a system Re-Start to Stop the Scan that had been running this afternoon (System Re-starts for Other reasons MAY be part of the interrupts I don't recall). Since the Scan Screen was White / Blank for the morning scan & This afternoon one, there was Not the STOP button I recall using to Cancel some prior Scans ..... As I assume you just used.

It's probably more irritating than a Functional Crisis - as I'm not designing NASA rockets on this desktop - but I'll get my facts together and send Sppt something soon If I can't figure this out.

Thanks again.

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