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Hello ,

on our server, we have about 50 numbered subfolders in a folder, in addition to other folders and files. These subfolders have the syntax xyz_user1 to xyz_user50, if a new user is added, the folder xyz_user51 is created.
If I only want to exclude all these subfolders xyz_user## with content from the virus scan, the policy would then be correct:
or does this not work at all?

Thanks for help and hints

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Thank you
OK. But I'm not sure now if I'm interpreting this correctly.
Would k:\folder\xyz_user*\* work to exclude from scanning in all folders k:\folder\xyz_user1 to k:\folder\xyz_user50 all subfolders and files contained there?

Or does something like xyz*\ not work for all folders starting with xyz?

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I have tested it, excluding k:\folder\xyz_user*\*.* will work for any files in xyz_user* folders. However, with regard to wildcards in performance exclusions, they reliably work only at the end of the path. The above exclusion might stop working if you add other exclusions. With detection exclusions wildcards work reliably anywhere in the path.

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