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USB scan

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Hello all,

what ESET product is enough for me to rely on it 100% when i want to scan USB stick?
I plan to have a PC where anyone from public can come and plug in their USB and I need to be sure my antivirus will catch any bad stuff that possible can be there.

My initial research showed that ESET Esential Security, option with lowest features, should be efficient, but I have my doubts.

Optional, I want them to be able to upload only .doc, .xls, .txt etc files, cant this be achieved rather with some script .

Many thanks for any help and I apologize for any language mistakes as English isnt my main language.



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Please contact ESET support to ensure that a correct solution is proposed from legal point of view. I don't know what purposes the public PC should serve for, however, from security POV you should ensure that the system is not persistent and resets after each use to prevent users from possibly getting infected by malware spreading via removable media.

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Hi Marcos, many thanks for the answer.

Did you mean ESET support on this @ address services@eset.sk, number +421 (2) 322 44 444 ?

Purpose of that PC is, as i work for a goverment institution, for people to be able to upload various attachments, documents, so we can work much faster with them. 


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