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rpm extraction in release


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We deployed in the passed ESET file security to our costume servers though our own private repository, used only by our customers. 


Is it possible to extract the latest version so we can deploy the RPM automatically 500 servers?

If no what alternative unattended methods are there. 


We currently run esets-4.0-8 on all linux servers and we want to update to 4.0-10



Thanks in advance for your response. 

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  • Former ESET Employees

I apologize for the delay, unfortunately the only supported remote upgrade method on Linux is through the remote install/remote upgrade function of the Remote Administrator Server/Console itself. 

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Still have the problem (even in 4.5). No param for extract only without install? Funny that the binaries try to install rpm and bsd on deb systems :/


oh, I see, there are no other params as --skip-license.


Why not provide the possibility? (E.g. to use company internal repositories for deployment)

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