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Disable parental controls on a trusted network

Guest Luke Brunckhorst

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Guest Luke Brunckhorst


Is there some way to disable parental control on a trusted network?

Son is allowed to bring a device to school for schoolwork, but because of the parental controls, is constantly getting blocked for one reason or another.

The school has a fairly robust security and filtering at the firewall/router level, so we are not concerned about the internet usage while he is at school - the problem is a lot of the internal resources, or resources the teachers link to, are blocked due to various reasons e.g., category - or lack of.

Yes, I can go through the list of blocked sites when he gets home, and allow them, but the problem is the staff don't have an exhaustive list of where all the resources live, and sometimes, they will go somewhere that is not already covered.

I don't want to disable the controls outright, as when he is not at school, or if they get creative and hot spot, then he will not be covered, but i find that after a couple of weeks of having to play catch up, and him not being able to participate properly, it is becoming a likely outcome.

I know this is probably an application change request but thought I might ask if anyone else has already thought of this, and I'm just missing the settings in the application.





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Currently this is not possible, however, in the future we'll most likely support time restrictions for categories and url exceptions and will also consider adding the option to allow/disable Parental control in specific networks.

As a workaround you could temporarily disable Parental Control remotely via https://parentalcontrol.eset.com.

Our business Endpoint products support time slots which can be used with Web Control to allow or allow or block access to specific categories at specified time/week days so having this functionality in ESET Smart Security Premium would address your issue.

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Guest Luke Brunckhorst

Hi Marcos,
Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, not the answer I was looking for, but good to know that I hadn't missed it.

The parental control website you linked, is for tablet/Android devices, the package I have is Eset Internet Security on a windows machine - but I don't think this will make a difference.

I will just have to disable the web and parental controls until the functionality is in the home user product.

Once again,

Thanks for your reply.

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