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ESET Management Agent Can't Connect ESET Protect Cloud

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The customer using ESET Mail Security he wants enable to ESET LiveGuard.

When he tried install ESET Management Agent to Mail Server, the agent can't connect to the ESET Protect Cloud. You can find agent logs bottom. Can you help us?



Time (UTC)


Last authentication

2023-Feb-07 12:40:07

Enrollment failed with error: failed to connect to all addresses (code: 14) for request Era.Common.Services.Authentication.RPCEnrollmentRequest (id: 29d82f46-66b1-4b17-ae76-55f8f21f58a8) on connection to 'host: "ohw4ckvgzdbeld53v7lvctexju.a.ecaserver.eset.com" port: 443' [RequestId: 29d82f46-66b1-4b17-ae76-55f8f21f58a8]

Last replication

2023-Feb-07 12:39:12

Error: Replication connection problem: Authentication was not possible due to unavailable remote server or its unwillingness to respond

  • Task: CReplicationConsistencyTask
  • Scenario: Automatic replication (REGULAR)
  • Connection: ohw4ckvgzdbeld53v7lvctexju.a.ecaserver.eset.com:443
  • Connection established: false
  • Replication inconsistency detected: false
  • Server busy state detected: false
  • Realm change detected: false
  • Realm uuid: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
  • Sent logs: 0
  • Cached static objects: 0
  • Cached static object groups: 0
  • Static objects to save: 0
  • Static objects to delete: 0
  • Modified static objects: 0
  • All replication attempts: 11


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  • Administrators

Please provide more details about how you fixed the issue so that users with the same issue know. I assume the communication had to be allowed on a firewall.

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