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Push Button Reset Hack

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Hello Forum, 

I have an HP Windows 11 laptop and I have been using ESET for a couple or more years. Recently I let a friend who studies Cyber Security go into her virtual campus and see downloades a word file that seemed legit to ESET which had some infomration that "interested" me. She closed the tab, then I used the computer, and when I opened it, it was in recovery mode! Anyway I followed the instructions, checked the system, unlocked and when it booted I saw a (Microsoft) power automate Chrome extension installed. I didn't see when the extension got installed (or how) but the file, upon further inspection by ESET appeared benign. I imagine the power automate script activated somehow the Push Button Reset and that activated the BitLocker. Any ideas how that might have happened?

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Windows Power Automate tool is built into Win 11. It is also a dangerous tool if an attacker can get access to the local device: https://www.wired.com/story/windows-11-power-automate-attack/ .

Additional ref.: https://www.vectra.ai/learning/power-automate .

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