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Query RA statistics via Scripting.

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Hi all,


Is it possible to query statistical information that RA server gathers via any form of scripting?


Specifically I am looking at tying more information into the server monitoring software we use and am looking at pulling information out like license limits / expirations / client counts etc.


Following that I can then create scripts to pull this info out and feed it in to our monitoring platform. At present it will tell me what a client is doing from a point of view of is the signatures up to date etc. but wont tell me any overall info that RA server collects.


Thanks again.


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It uses a database Wayne

Whichever db you decide to use, will should allow queries provided you use the right ports and credentials when you start your query.


I am pretty sure on this.

Maybe you just need some documentation on syntax ?

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Hi Arakasi,


Thanks for that - If you have any examples that would be nice. I was kinda hopeing that there may be WMI exposure or somthing to that effect (if there are any developers watching?).




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For anyone interested in this thread, V5.2.22 now has a command line interface (eracmd.exe - in the ESET Remote Administrator\Console folder) that allows you to query a load of stuff out of RA server.


First impressions looks like you can create / report policies, rules, tasks, get info on License information and a lot more.


That's just increased my workload :)

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