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ESA Services Down?


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  • ESET Insiders

Hi everyone,

Is there a current problem with ESA? None of our users are able to login to their computers today.  I rebooted the ESA server to no avail.

Please let me know.


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @Trooper,

What type of OTP didn't work? SMS?

can you please provide us with:
1. logs with debug verbosity
2. exact time of replication with time zone info and user used for replication

3. public IP and ISP name.
4, Wireshark log, if possible

Please send those via private message to me, Marcos and TomasP


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  • ESET Insiders

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay.  I ended up contacting support who confirmed there was an issue.  I never received a response back but later that same day, things started to magically work again. 🤔

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