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Firewall pop up not showing

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Sometimes the firewall pop up window does not display. I can hear the Windows sound if it activating but cannot see the window, not even using alt tab.

The issue persists until I restart the PC. I've attached a screenshot of the missing window.

It's hard to reproduce since it is random and I need to restart after it happens. If I'm not at the PC when it happens, I don't know it happened since there is no visual que, only the Windows sound.



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Please generate a dump of eguiproxy.exe when the interactive window is supposed to show up but it's not (e.g via the Task manager, Process Explorer, etc.).

Since this issue is already being discussed at https://forum.eset.com/topic/34910-bug-with-firewall-module-when-using-interactive-mode-eis/#comment-161133, we'll draw this topic to a close. Please continue in the existing topic.

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