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Error when trying to upgrade from ESET Server Security 9.0.12013.0 to 9.0.12017.0

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I am trying to update several Windows Server 2016 / 2019 / 2022 servers in Spanish, from version 9.0.12013.0 to version 9.0.12017.0. I have tried to do it from ESET Protect Console 10.0, and the task failed.

Later I tried to do it manually, but it gave me an error during the installation.

Finally, I tried to uninstall the product, to later install the new version, and I get an error when trying to uninstall. Does not allow me. I was looking at several KBs, and really the manual uninstall option (entering Safe Mode) is not an option, since they are production servers.

Please if you can give me some suggestions, on how I could fix it.

Error instalador nueva version (1).png

Error instalador nueva version.png

Error desinstalando manualmente (1).png

Error desinstalando manualmente.png

ESET Protection.png

Versión instalada.png

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Error: Failed to access database: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Installer\fix_norepair.mst

Please create also a Procmon log from a failed upgrade. Did you try to reboot the server? A restart will be needed after upgrade anyways. You said you can't boot to safe mode because it's a production server. However, software upgrades should be performed during maintenance windows.

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Marcos, file procmon.log attached. I have this same issue in 8 Servers, there are all in production. The server wich I'm working right now to extract the Logs is our Windows Storage Server 2016, that we use for Backup retention. And, yes, I restart the server before posting here.

Dashboard Servers.png


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For some reason C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Installer\fix_norepair.mst is missing.

Please delete HKCR\Installer\Products\6C04EBCFB22F95A4D9FCFB61648B9B1A\Transforms and try again.

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