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Has the ability to share passwords to other Eset Password manager users disappeared in Eset Password Manager v3 ?

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I recently acquired Eset Smart Security premium especially because it was sold with a password manager. Reading the documentation before my purchase, a sharing center within password manager was advertised.

My goal was to replace a top notch security suite (Bitdefender) -which I'm unhappy with-, and a top notch password manager (Keeper) -which I'm very happy with-, with a top notch security suite which goes with a password manager including a sharing feature, for savings reasons. From my extensive search looking at competitors, although a few are selling their suite with a password manager, none are with a sharing feature. Eset appeared to be the only one...But is it actually ?

I cannot find it, and eventually realized that the documentation I was reading was the one related to the version 2 of the product, which has been, to my understanding is not maintained anymore.

Has this sharing feature effectively disappeared from Eset Password Manager v3 ?

Thank you,



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