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Suppress Windows 7 alert

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Guest airpilot

I have a valid ESET license that allows me to run on four PC's, two of which have Windows 7 o/s.  How can i suppress the "Windows 7 is no longer supported" alert whenever I start a Win 7 machine?

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Unfortunately you have posted as a guest and didn't include information about the ESET product / version you use. In case it's Endpoint, is it unmanaged or managed by ESET PROTECT?

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Guest ESET Internet Security

Sorry,. I am running ESET Internet Security, v. on four PC's two of which are Win7 latest version.  I'm tired of seeing this warning:

Your operating system is outdated

You're using an outdated version of Microsoft Windows. To receive the latest product updates and stay protected in the future, upgrade your operating system.

I want to suppress this annoying message - how do I do that?

Thank you.

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