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SysRescue Live Does Not Detect Internal Partitions

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Greetings. I was hoping to use ESET SysRescue Live on 64-bit Windows 10 v22H2.

I installed the most recent version of Eset SysRescue Live on a USB flash drive, using the .img file.

I successfully booted into SysRescue Live, but was unable to scan my computer because the file manager (PCManFM) did not detect any internal discs. (The file manager opened and immediately closed.)

Upon investigating with the included GParted, I observed that none of my internal partitions were mounted. I was unable to mount my partitions with Linux (using mdadm and mount) because I was unable to successfully start Root Terminal.

Furthermore, I observed that I was unable to log out in the usual manner, so the only way to quit ESET SysRescue Live was to power down my computer.

Does all this indicate that I will be unable to use ESET SysRescue Live on 64-bit Windows 10 v22H2?

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Since ESET technical support has not replied to my request for support, and since no one from this forum is able to help, I conclude that  I will be unable to use ESET SysRescue Live on 64-bit Windows 10 v22H2. Instead, I will use a different organization's recovery media.

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I found myself in the same condition as you, I managed to solve it by creating a usb-stick using refus to write an .iso image downloaded from the eset site.

These are the options used:

Partition scheme: MBR

Target System: BIOS or Uefi

File system: FAT32

Cluster size: 4096

When asked DD or ISO I chose ISO.

The only problem is that you have to update the virus definitions with every use.

I hope I was helpful

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