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Question on getting email with this title: Anti-Theft: Suspicious behavior detected on your device

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So I have been getting email for sometime now, 


Anti-Theft has recorded suspicious activity on your device "moms Computer" . Someone has logged on the device using the Phantom Account. If you don't know the location of the device, sign in to your ESET HOME account at https://anti-theft.eset.com and confirm it as Missing. Anti-Theft will start monitoring the activity on the device to help you find out its position.

Your ESET Team

Thing is its a Desktop and its at home all the time no one has access to is but my mother and me and she barely goes on her pc. How can someone be access her computer "through a phantom account" when no one has touch her PC? Could it possibly be a remote thing? Can someone help me fix this please? 

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Is there any reason why you enabled Anti-theft on a desktop PC? It appears that no phantom account was created either.

Is it a dual boot system, e.g. where one instance of Windows is used by you and the other by your mother and you both have Anti-Theft enabled?

Just to make sure, are we talking about the machine named "SxxxA computer" ? (replaced some letters with x)

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I honestly cant remember why I had Anti-theft. Maybe I turned it on because I thought on the off chance my mother PC gets stolen maybe there is a chance we could locate it. And to the Phantom account, there was something called "Mary-Lou" I dont know if my mother created it not knowing what it would be just to have an alias on it. I did delete it and Im assuming that was the phantom account but she told me she never logged on through mary lou but her regular name way. 

No its her computer I dont go on it I have mine.

Yes. So far I haven't gotten an email that the phantom account was activated after deleting so maybe that fixed the issue. 

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On 1/15/2023 at 5:34 PM, RedShadow said:

I thought on the off chance my mother PC gets stolen

I always assumed that, if Desktop computer gets stolen , the HDD is automatically replaced, so no point in having any "antitheft"

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I have someone else using Windows10 22H2 with a desktop and Internet Security getting these emails as well. The emails occur when Eset updates itself and has to reboot or when Windows updates occur and the computer has to be rebooted.  I have checked and all of the user accounts on this computer have passwords that have to be entered on computer boot up EXCEPT the phantom account. 

This has been happening on this computer for months now and I am at a lost on why ESET thinks someone has attempted to login to the phantom account.



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