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Replacing old work computers and temporary License overuse

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Howdie all,

we are in the process of replacing our old computers at work with newer ones. 

We could of course only install ESET as the first thing once we have taken the old computer offline. But tbh that is not really very convenient as we have to do it in off-hours and every additional step during the actual replacement means more off hours work.


Ideally we would prepare the new computers including ESET beforehand. Unfortunately this would get us into a temporary License overuse situation. A quick google search didnt give me results if and how forgiving ESET is towards License overuse. And if there is a time grace period and how long that one would be.

Or what actually happens when License overuse occurs...

- willl just the overused ESET stations not activate the Endpoint Protection.

- Will it "disable" the computer in one form or other?

- Will ESET Endpoint Protection not even install.

- Will all seats get disabled and ESET Protection stops working on all devices?

- All devices get disabled in one form or other?


If it is just ESET on the devices that are over our license number not working. That would be kinda okay. We could install ESET fully on the new computers. ESET just wouldnt do it's work. On replacement day. We remove ESET on the old computers. And ESET starts working on the new ones automatically...


any hints greatly appreciated



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21 hours ago, Marcos said:

A temporary license overuse is not a problem, Endpoint will continue to work and protect the machines.


that is wonderful news...thanks for being such nice guys 🙂

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