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Dynamic template for Product Not Activated


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We have a dynamic template set for 'Functionality/Protection problems . Problem' = 'product not activated'

But we have two products that need to be activated with different license files.

EP clients show EP status as 'Product not activated',  and product = 'Security Product'

EI Connector shows EP status as 'Product not activated', and product = 'ESET Inspect Connector'

The dynamic template catches both inactivated instances, but can only apply one license file specified. Is it possible to create a dynamic template for each separate case?

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  • ESET Staff

For such behavior, you need to create two different dynamic groups.

One for the Endpoint, one for the Inspect Connector. For ESET Inspect the below example should work, for standard Endpoint just change the "source" to "security product". 

Hope that this helps. 

dynamic group.jpg

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Thanks, that makes sense.

I've run into another query trying to capture OS X devices that don't have Full Disk Access for the AV component.

The client > detail > alerts' show Problem = "The ESET security product doesn't have Full Disk Access" and Problem Detail = "macOS is preventing the ESET security product from accessing some folders"

I've found the option where 'Functionality/Protection problems . Problem' is one of "macOS is preventing the ESET security product from accessing some folders", but this does not return any of the systems with that status.

Any thoughts on how to structure this query?

Thanks again.

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