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Small fix on "Operating system support policy and ESET products" page


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On https://support-eol.eset.com/en/policy_business/os_support_policy_win.html page someone used wrong order on Windows 10 versions, I'm talking about "Windows 10 Support Chart" and this:


H2 /20 (19042)
H1 /21 (19043)
H2 /21 (19044)
H2/22 (22621)

Can you change it to proper ones:


20H2 (19042)
21H1 (19043)
21H2 (19044)
22H2 (19045)

Notice that I changed build number for 22H2 to correct one because someone used Win11 build number.


Windows 11 versions are also wrong, can you fix it?

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