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Payment protection - is it possible to add exclusion?


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I noticed, that part of my software for VR (Virtual Reality) is marked in File Log as untrusted and its blocked what is wrong.

Im sure 100% that this dll is safe (this message was appearing while playing in VR, I did not make any payment, but it collects data from the system).

Can I add it somewere as trusted file and can I make ESET not block this dll?

The screen is in Polish, but I translated some parts:

Thank You for any reply.


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2 hours ago, Marcos said:

What issues are you having with the secured browser? Do you somehow use VR when browsing in the secured browser?

TY for reply. No, It was reported during playing in VR only (when this tool was used). This has nothing to do with the browser or payments. In general, this should not appear as a blocked option. The browser (I use Chrome) may have been minimized at that time, I'll check if it shows up when I close it during playing and I'll back with info. Maybe this.

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