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UI for signature update only?

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Prior to a couple of days ago, I had several machines (multiple machine license)using EIS 15.2.17.  Whenever I did a check for updates, I'd get the anti-virus signatures as expected.  In the Update dialong I was not clicking on the update to version 16.0.24 button.  My assumption was than in hovering over the tray icon for EIS and clicking on the "Check for updates" that I was getting only the anti-virus definition updates.  However, one machine (a Windows 7 system) updated to version 16.0.24.  I ended up updating my other machines to that version to keep all in synch.

My question:  is there a clear, understandable, predictable way to get only anti-virus signature updates and not product updates?  I frequently backup the operating system and registry, meaning there is a huge amount of overhead whenever an application upgrade occurs.  I want to avoid that.  I'm looking for UI such as version 8 had where you could clearly select not to do a product update and only an anti-virus update.  Each subsequent release of EIS has hidden more of that interface and/or seems to have made it harder to find.  Is it there somewhere now?

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While you can temporarily disable product updates in the advanced setup, we do not recommend doing so. New product versions usually bring also new protection features and fixes of bugs from previous versions and thus should provide better protection and user experience. Even if you disable product updates, the product will be upgraded to a fully supported version before your version goes EOL and stops receiving module updates.

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As you know after years of doing this job, ESET users can become fairly upset when a version of the app stops working or stops getting antivirus definition updates. This feels like a line is being crossed by ESET developers/managers when the decision is to update an application itself (other than the definitions) automatically without the direct consent of the user. I am aware that as systems and software age, they become more vulnerable, but it still should be entirely in the hands of the user to determine when an update happens.

That said, thank you for your response. When you said that product updates can be temporarily disabled in the advanced setup, exactly what section and menu item are you referring to?

I have been a user of ESET for almost fifteen years now and do want to continue on good terms, so I am not trying to be inflammatory here.

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Thank you.  I had found that setting, but wasn't sure it was the only one as I had an enforced product update from version 15 to version 16 on Windows 7, though not on Windows 10.


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