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Multiple device licensing

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I am interested in the Ultimate Security but licensing is a bit confusing. I can see the number of devices, with 1 being the cheapest with the option to add more devices. However, at the end of  the page, under FAQ I also see the following message: 
"Yes, ESET Smart Security Premium is a multi-platform solution. You can secure all your Windows, Mac and Android devices with this license. "

Does this mean that if I purchase one license for one device I can use that simultaneously on multiple devices at the same time? Or it means that one license can cover different OS types so long that just one is activating at a given time? 


Thank you.  

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You will need a license for as many devices as you plan to install ESET on. E.g. if you purchased a license for 4 devices, you can install ESET either on 4 PCs, on 4 Macs, on 3 PCs and 1 Mac, 2 PCs, 1 Mac and 1 Android phone, etc.


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