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License change when moving a computer to another company

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I was wondering what's the best practice to change the license on an endpoint.

We're migrating with Protect from on-premise to the cloud. I've applied the migrate policy, that can be downloaded in the cloud portal, to an endpoint. This endpoint becomes available int the cloud portal, but in the Lost&Found group. When I move that endpoint to the correct company, the enpoint keeps it's original license instead of the license of the company.

Also the endpoint is not listed as Activated unit in the license of the company it was moved to (msp.eset.com)


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Hello, transition of an endpoint to a specific group / company, does not change the license automatically. 

You can schedule a regular recurring "activation" task, that would reactivate the endpoints with the correct license. Or you can do it in a way, that you will create a dynamic group, that will be checking if Endpoint does not have a correct license (new dynamic group template, condition for "Activation / License public ID" is not one of and specify a license. It would require some manual work, but since then, you can easily automate the license deployment. 

I will check with product managers, whether this could not be automated, so license is changed, depending on company / group membership, in case of MSP automation. 

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