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Credit card error

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Hello all, 

I have one problem which I can not solve. Before few days  I installed free trail of eset home premium. I liked the program and on US site I found offer for it for 38.99 USD. On online form there was my country Serbia and I proceded with purchase. When I filled data and hit purchase I got error screen which stated that i must change method of payment and other error "payment gateway error". All will be good but my card was cahrged despite I did not receive licence. Also there is no trace on my home eset web site on any purcase nor I received any email. 

As my card where charged despite error and not receiving licence I contacted live chat. Live chat said to me that I should contact local dealer. I done that and local dealer said that it is not their problem as naturaly I made transaction on usa site. I have their email tk support this.

I wrote also emails via contact form but I do not know has someone receive it as again no email was received as confirmation.

Can someone please help me in order that contact proper eset usa personal to refund me money as I did call bank and they ankowledge that money went from my card. 

As i live in Serbia calling is not an opption for me and I am out of options apart this forum.


Thank you in advance,


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This Quick questions forum is not meant for reporting issues in general, especially not purchase or license issues:

4, Ask only simple questions. If you want to report an issue, inquire about your license, etc., create a forum account first. This forum is not intended for lengthy discussions.

If you were actually charged by ESET LLC when purchasing from the US e-store, a license registered with your email address must exist. However, if a user from outside of the US goes to the US e-store, he or she is redirected to the local distributor's e-store, therefore it's not clear to me how you could purchase there given that you are in Europe. Anyways, it's ESET LLC in the US that you should contact regarding payment issues then.

You can drop me a personal message with the email address you used in purchase from the e-store and I'll check if a license with the email address exists.

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I did contact them over live chat but they was of no assitance at all. I wrote you what steps i took in personal mesage. Pls can you help me as I am going now in circles. On last chat sesion i was told to conntact local distributor and agent closed windows right away...I really do not know what to do anymore.

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18 hours ago, Guest Niki said:

I did call bank and they ankowledge that money went from my card. 

Call the bank again and ask for the name of the vendor associated with the charge. If it was done by the Eset U.S. based concern, the vendor name should be Eset N.A. or Eset North America. If this is the case, the matter needs to be resolved by Eset N.A..

Also the Eset web site support for Serbia is here: https://nod32adria.com/english/esetsupport/ . Listed there is a phone number and e-mail address. You can try to contact them and ask if they would contact Eset N.A. on your behalf in regards to this matter.

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I did call the bank vendor is ESET SAN DIEGO. I have that also on my bank statesmen.

I did the following:

1, After I saw a problem I wrote an email to ESET USA. I got no response

2. I contacted two times their online chat but only they sad was that I should contact local dealer or call some number in USA I can not call it as it would cost more then those 38.99 USD.

3. I wrote again email.

4. I contacted local ESET dealer and of course they said that it is not their problem as purchase was done over USA site,

So in essence USA ESET is ignoring me last rep even post me link like you did and then shut the chat window promptly.

I do not even know if email I wrote over their contact form (as there is section Credit Card error) made to them as I did not receive confirmation email that they received my email.

Reason I posted in here is that I do not know to whom else I should post.

I still have hope that someone will replay to my email form ESET USA support or that someone in here can contact them if not only one other thing is left and that is to contact my Bank about this issue.

So in essence I do not have license nor I have money and I do not see what else I can do.

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I've passed your message to ESET LLC. There's only a trial version of ESSP registered with your email address. Given that no license seems to have been created, I assume the money will be refunded automatically. Waiting for colleagues from ESET LLC sales dep. to confirm, will keep you posted.

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I have received a response from ESET LLC sales:

Our accounting team has confirmed that the charge was rejected. It may still show as “pending” on the customer’s side, but should drop in a couple of days.

If you wish to purchase a license, you can do so via https://nod32adria.com/.

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4 hours ago, Guest Niki said:

Thank you so much. As soon as trasaction nullifies as it still did not i will contact local dealer.


BTW - if the credit for the purchase doesn't appear on your credit card transactions within 5 days or so , you can request the bank to charge back the transaction to Eset N.A..

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