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Firewall Profile Changing

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Wondering if I am just missing something or would like to place a idea for future version update.

Would like to be able to more easily / quickly switch the Firewall Profile currently active.

Good place I thought would be the right click menu from the taskbar icon. Could be a pop-up list and select which you want active of all the ones that have been created.

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13 hours ago, NoOne said:

Would like to be able to more easily / quickly switch the Firewall Profile currently active.

Good place I thought would be the right click menu from the taskbar icon. Could be a pop-up list and select which you want active of all the ones that have been created.

I am interpreting this statement to be the OP wishes to be able to dynamically switch active firewall profile on demand.

As far as I am aware of that is not possible. Below per Eset product help is the way the active firewall profile is established. To summarize, it is established by whatever Eset network connection is currently active. As far as I am aware of, there is no way the user can manually establish the current active network connection. Eset itself does this dynamically. Also whereas multiple Eset firewall network connections may exist, only one connection is active at any given time.


Firewall profiles

Profiles can be used to control the behavior of the ESET Smart Security Premium Firewall. When creating or editing a Firewall rule, you can assign it to a specific profile, or have it apply to every profile. When a profile is active on a network interface, only the global rules (rules with no profile specified) and the rules that have been assigned to that profile are applied to it. You can create multiple profiles with different rules assigned to network adapters or assigned to networks to easily alter Firewall behavior.

Click Edit next to the list of profiles to open the Firewall Profiles window where you can edit profiles.

A network adapter can be set to use a profile configured for a specific network when it is connected to that network. You can also assign a specific profile to use when on a given network in Advanced setup (F5) > Network protection > Known Networks > Edit. Select a network from the list of Known networks and click Edit to assign a firewall profile to the specific network from the Firewall profile drop-down menu.

If that network has no assigned profile, then the adapter's default profile will be used. If the adapter is set up not to use the network's profile, its default profile will be used regardless of which network it is connected to. If there is no profile for a network or for adapter configuration, the global default profile is used. To assign a profile to a network adapter, select the network adapter, click Edit next to Profiles assigned to network adapters, edit the selected network adapter and select the profile from the Default firewall profile drop-down menu.

When the Firewall switches to another profile, a notification will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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OK to be more specific.

- I would prefer to be able to change the profile currently in use on the adapter in use at the time - but that would be much more difficult to add I expect.

- BUT what should be possible is to have an option that just changes the global default profile on the fly for adapters set to just use the global default.

- It would work just the same as going to Settings > Network Protection > Firewall > Firewall Profiles > Global default profile > "Choose what I currently want active". This currently operates as needed without needing to restart or anything; and it also can be changed every few minutes if I wanted; but many more steps than could be.

- By using multiple profiles on the "Same Adapter" a user can drill down what they want allowed to happen depending on what they are doing on their computer at the time. I find it very helpful for 1 example of when processing some coding script I do not want interrupted ; I can block all or just selected programs from trying to auto-update as I have different rules depending on the profile selected (and we all know by now how thanks to MS leading the way every company now likes to force updates when they feel like it without giving any option or care about what the user and owner of a computer wants unless they have the money/resources to buy/use enterprise products - example ESET home products with how they like to auto update even when NOT scheduled - and bypass their own firewall rules that should block eset update exe's if wanting to be controlled by the user). Other examples are times I may switch even if just a couple minutes when testing something (this can be a pain due to how many steps it takes - so I may get spammed by unnecessary allow/deny requests and then can't save configuration change alerts due to the backlog until exiting settings, taking care of the prompts and going back in - when a 3 second right click change could happen fast enough to beat the unnecessary requests).

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How do you currently use firewall profiles for the reason that you want to switch between them? Maybe there is a better way of what you are trying to achieve.

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