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ESET AV 8.0 install on Win 8.1

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I had a real fight on to get this installed. I have UAC turned off and I use an admin account as the main login. I had to overcome the main stumbling block of the install program not having enough permissions to close the service of v7 to complete the uninstall before the installation of v8.


I managed to get over that. The only issue I have now is that real-time protection refuses to start autopmatically and I have to do it manually each time I login. I only have Win 8.1 on one of my 6 multibooting PCs to play with so this is not a major issue, it is just that it is annoying and the solution may help others.


v7 worked and installed fine.


Is there a known fix?





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I would try to uninstall using the safe mode tool, make sure no more folders or registry objects reside, and do a full clean install again.

Hips might be the cause of your permission and service issues.


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It's down to Win 8.1 believing it knows what is better for you I think!


Even from an admin account, I had to run the Eset installer from an elevated command prompt to get around permission errors 2502 and 2503 from the installer. I've had this with other software as well.

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