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Discrepancy between Protect Cloud and Business Account info


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this is the second time in few months that I see discrepancy between Protect Cloud and Business Account info.

For example in this moment I have a Mac Client (with 6.11.606.0 Enpoint Version and 10.0.3091.0 agent version) that shows these info:

In Eset protect cloud: Last connection date: 21 december 2022 12:08

In Eset Business account: Last connection date: 05 november 2022 12:49. In this case the client is flagged with a red alert.

Which could be the reason? How can I fix it, without uninstalling and re-installing Eset?



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  • ESET Staff

Hello @eclipse79

- the connection in ESET PROTECT Cloud is based on when the ESET Management Agent last connected to the management console. 

- the connection in ESET Business Account, is based on when the ESET Endpoint 6.11. last connected to our licensing servers. Reason why this might be not matching is that the client could have been updated, or underlying hardware fingerprint has changed, and that computer entry was duplicated on EBA (this tends to happen when a different network adapter is being used). You should be able to make those "matched" by retriggering the product activation task which would force the licensing servers sync issue. Also look for the duplicate entry. 



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