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"Cannot find Bootable OS" error Surface Laptop 5 when ESET initates SafeStart

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I keep receiving a boot error when trying to initate encryption and the SafeStart reboot begins. This is a Microsoft Surface Laptop 5. I found this post below that seemed to discuss a similar phenomenon with a different Surface device, but I cannot find KB7132 anywhere so that I can get the solution. Thanks for your help. OS is Windows 10 22H2

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Hi @dtherria,

Strange, I will find out why that information is no longer available, however, it looks as though the team are working on putting together an article explaining this issue.

Basically the issue is that Microsoft Surface Secure Boot is configured by default to only accept Microsoft 'Secure Boot Certificate Keysets' whereas ours is a 3rd-party CA.

To solve this issue, please do the following:

Enter the UEFI BIOS settings and enable ‘Microsoft 3rd party UEFI CA’. This allows EEE/EFDE’s bootloader files to load correctly when booting the computer.

On Microsoft Surface computers, this looks like this:



I hope this helps.

Thank you,



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