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Failed Generate Report to PDF ESET Protect


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I have problem for download problem.
Generate report using CSV Successfully downloaded and if using PDF can't.

Here are the resulting pictures.





Using csv :


Is there a solution regarding this case, I'm using  ESET Protect (9.1.2301.0), Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS OS.


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Thank for respons.

Another report of generating a small PDF download successfully if the large size creates a problem.


Is there any limit on generating pdf and is there anything to configure?


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i had the same problem, but this problem hit to me on esmc version 7.x and i upgraded to version 8.1, this problem can be solved, i don't know this problem can happen again on new version, i will think twice about upgrading eset my current protection

Does this happen because of the eset protect service or are there other components that have problems related to tweaking or the like, so far I haven't gotten any definite information.


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Please monitor the free amount of RAM on the server during report generation. Even reports that are dozens of MB is size may require gigabytes of free RAM during the generation process.

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21 minutes ago, kiarasur said:

Unable to generate a PDF report. but Downloading CSV works fine. Therefore, I would like to know the cause of the failure in PDF generation.

Please see above. If the generation of pdf reports is failing despite having even GB of free RAM at the time, please open a support ticket for further investigation and help with troubleshooting.

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