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ESS firewall broke IPV6

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In all previous versions 4-5-6-7 my score at IPV6 connectity was 20/20 .With v8 and i tried every settings my score is lower 15/20.

The only way to recover my 20/20 score on that site  hxxp://ipv6-test.com/ is to DISABLE FIREWALL.

I tried a lots of site to test IPv6 and i got the same results on all site...ipv6 score is lower than v7 ess

If i let the firewall running and i only disable Zombies ###### and IDS ###### i stay with the same score 15/20

I repeat, v8 broke IPv6 connectivity

Sticking with V7 for until my license expired( 3 weeks) and im gonna look for another security

Do test guys.... test without ESS firewall your ipv6 connction and test it again with firewall activated,you gonna see



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(Smart security 8) My score: 17/20

My score was lower due to icmp filtering, my hostname not being returnable, and using opendns.


marodor, why dont you tell us why your score is lower and for what reasons, the site tells you, blaming ESET's firewall may be misplaced.


According to the site and my experience, turning off icmp, and or filtering it, is better protection and privacy while browsing the web, and if what you are describing is as you say, your score being lower is actually an improvement and better security for yourself on the web.

Turning your firewall off, or switching products for a little reason like ping filtering is most silly and obtuse.


Thanks for posting.

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