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Eset Parental control is not working

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I have a problem with one boy smartphone....

I installed Eset Parental control for both boys, 11 and 12 years old.

One, Samsung SM-A525F, is working without problems, all the time. 

Second one, on the HUAWEI SNE-LX1, is not working at all. Yesterday, I asked my kid to unlock his phone, to see, why it is not working. And surprisingly, exactly from that moment, Parental control started to work, possible to see used apps and times in the parental dashboard. No idea what happened, or what he switched off or uninstalled. He does not want to say anything, saying he does not know why it is not working. It is really unbelievable, when it suddenly started to work.

Some time ago, I already reinstalled this EsetParentalControl app, but after some time same result.

So, my question is, is there a way, how to discover, why it does not work ? is there some kind of system log, where it is possible to see, what app or what action can completely disable Eset Parental Control app ?  googling some advices, some says it is caused by UltraBatterySaver or some app or games....I spent there few hours digging in the settings, but unable to find the rootcause...this kid is a little rascal, does not hesitate to use all kind of deception, just to look good in front of us....but we know, and he knows....unfortunately parents without proofs means he is completely innocent...


Please advise...

Thanks a lot.

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Please open a support ticket using the built-in form and let logs to be submitted to ESET for perusal. It could be that you have an aggressive battery saver that is killing Parental Control.

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OK, thanks. I will do that.

Not really sure if the battery saver is the reason, as yesterday I checked also the settings for the battery saver behavior for individual apps....and for the Parental control app it seems as skipped.....anyway, I will wait for the logs analysis.... 

Thank You.

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