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Recent versions of Internet Security have broken self signed certs with SSL/TLS filtering

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I've been using ESET for years. Within the last month or so, I've ran into an issue where my self-signed certificate for my router is no longer trusted with ESET doing SSL/TLS filtering. The certificate is in the trusted root and works fine if I disable ESET SSL/TLS filtering now.

I never had to do this before and it is somewhat recent. What changed and does ESET know they need to fix this bug?

I even tried importing the certificate into the "list of known certificates" but that did not seem to have any effect.

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That's most likely because the appropriate root CA certificate is missing in the trusted root CA cert. store, otherwise ESET would trust the self-signed certificate too. You can open a support ticket for help with troubleshooting, a list of certificates from the machine as well as advanced network protection logs with the ssl communication captured should be requested for a check.

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