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ESSP Update Frozen

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Is update in progress reported if you quit the gui (Shift+X) and start ESET gui from the Start menu?

Are you able to reproduce it after a reboot?

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If you cancel the update, do you get a UAC window?

Anyways, please create an ekrn dump by navigating to Tools -> Diagnostics in the advanced setup and clicking Create. Then collect fresh ELC logs. Finally you can reboot the machine and try to reproduce the issue.

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I disabled UAC, so no. But I do notice when I clicked cancel butt, my mouse pointer has spinning circle for about 5 seconds then nothing happened.

new ESET Log Collector logs attached.

Dump files via link: https://www.dropbox.com/t/1FXQYjoMVxcWQCQy



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I had a like issue a while back. It tracked to a networking issue. Eset update started and shortly thereafter, its network connection got terminated somehow. Result was Eset update was stuck in a never ending loop.

Reboot your PC which should correct the network issue and allow Eset update to run sucessfully.

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