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Scanning a password protected .rar....


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...gives a message "Scan completed /Detection occured:0" which is misleading , making user to believe that the .rar file is OK

Normal message should be : "Cannot open /password protected"

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7 hours ago, Marcos said:

Couldn't it be that you have the filter turned on?

The scanned objects count would lead one to believe the archive was indeed scanned. It should show a zero count value.

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The .rar file in the picture is password protected. If I "right click" on it and select "Scan with ESET" the result is as seen attached.

Says "Detections occurred :0

No point to look in "log" as long as "Detections occurred :0" 

The info about "the file is probably protected" should be displayed at this level already, not only in "log"


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