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ESET File Security Policies vs Local Settings

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We are deploying new ESET File Security clients to our servers. Now we want to set the config of the clients so that it matches the 'Recommended settings' for the products.
Now we encounter a problem finding the correct settings in the policies.
The settings mentioned in the 'Recommended Settings'-articles are set in the Local Settings of the File Security Clients. Ofcourse we want to set these settings in a Central Policy, but the Settings-Tree in the Central Policy on the Remote Administrator Server are completely different than the Settings Tree in the Local Settings.


1. Why is are the settings different? Central vs local?

2. Will there be a fix for this, cause now we cannot find any of the mentioned settings.

3. Or will there be an conversion table of all settings.


Thanks in advance,


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The settings in ESET's products and ERA will be unified in products based on Endpoint v6 and will be supported by ERA v6. Currently the configuration editor provides even advanced settings that cannot be set via gui.

If you are unable to locate a particular setting you'd like to change, feel free to ask here.

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