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Deep Behavioural Inspection breaking MapViewOfFile3() & VirtualAlloc2()

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Hi there, I contribute to the open source project PCSX2.

Recently, our memory allocation was updated, and we experienced issues with some users.

When looking through our dump of modules loaded, I took note of `C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\ebehmoni.dll`

Sure enough, downloading and installing ESET NODE32 allowed me to reproduce the issue, but not under a debugger.
Disabling the Deep Behavioural Inspection allowed the program to run without error.

There is a topic here with a minimum reproducible example that inhibits what I think is the same exact issue.
(Example: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/memoryapi/nf-memoryapi-virtualalloc2)

My belief is that some part of the monitoring going on is breaking these calls.

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The issue will be addressed in the Deep behavioral inspection support module 1124 soon. Thank you for reporting it.

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