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System is not up to date MacOS 12.6.1

Witold Bolt

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I have an issue with ESET PROTECT Cloud. I want ESET to verify if operating system is up to date, yet I wonder how this is defined in the product.

I have many Macs in my organization and some of them use macOS 12, for which the most recent version is 12.6.1. It is fully supported and secured version of macOS despite the fact that there is also macOS 13 available as a newer version of the product. Moreover some Macs can not use macOS 13 due to Apple policy, but macOS 12 is still fully patched and supported - at least for a limited time. 

Yet, I have plenty of warnings for macOS 12.6.1 machines saying that: The system is not up to date.

Can I customize this? I'd like to have a warning if someone is using an unsupported version - for example 12.0.1, but NOT for the up to date, most recent version which is 12.6.1 in this specific case. 

Turning of OS version control entirely is not an option. I just want this feature to actually start working. How to do this?


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