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Anti-Theft incorrect location

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Version V8..


When i go to https://anti-theft.eset.com/devices and select my Windows 8.1 Pro device and in that webpage select the test button i always end up at location 37.090240,-95.712891 in Oklahoma / USA. However i am in the Netherlands. 


Also the webcam-image is always very dark, almost black. But my major problem is the location! When my laptop has been stolen i must be able to rely on this information.


Thanks, Jan

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Maybe there are issues with your webcam and/or WLAN.

It can't be such inexactly!


Have you tested it with another laptop and in a bright environment?


BTW What is this device? A laptop, tablet, convertible?

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If you pm your email used for registering at my.eset.com to Metaller, he will check out the data for your account on files.

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