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Quarantine does not switch to another cluster host

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Good afternoon colleagues.

I have 3 servers in the same subnet , firewall turn off.
2 Exchange EDGE 2019 servers  - NAME  V19EDGE1 ( 1 - mx = 25 smtp incoming) , V19EDGE2 (2 mx = 25 incoming)
1 exchange MBX 2019 - NAME V19MBX1

Mail essentials is installed on all servers.

you can see from the screenshots.

on the V19EDGE1 server, I switch the quarantine node to V19MBX1, after which the quarantine changes back to V19EDGE1 , that is, it does not switch. If we go to the V19MBX1 server, we will see that 3 letters were copied there. New spam is still arriving on V19EDGE1.

Help me solve the problem, I can not select the main quarantine host, namely V19MBX1







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