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unable to disable anti-theft

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I want to disable anti-theft but  im unable to do it,

im using eset smart security 7.0.317.4

I go to  'setup'  then I press  'disable permanently' then window pops up and ask me to sign in  with 'my.eset.com' account .  I created an account on that site then I entered my email/pass , but after clickin on disable I get following error :


invalid email address of password (error 0005 )

(I attached sceenshot of error)


im sure im entering my account that I created  correctly  , dont know why it get this error !

is there  other way to turn off anti-theft ?





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Error 2 means that https request failed for an unknown reason. Are you continually getting this error even after a computer restart?

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yes I did restart my pc and I still get that error .

I will do that  metaller

btw  I bought eset license on retailer website and  I didn't have any account on  eset website  , and after installing eset  and getting  this error I prompted to register on my.eset.com   for disabling anti-theft.

thanks .

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