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No SRV records returned for _esetsecauth._tcp

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Guest ToHo


I would like to install ESET Secure Authentication on a Windows client. The client is not connected via the company network but via VPN to the company. 

Unfortunately the problem here is that the following error appears in the installation log when I try to install it there:

No SRV records returned for _esetsecauth._tcp.

I have executed the following command in cmd:

nslookup -type=SRV _esetsecauth._tcp

When I run the command on a client on the corporate network I get a good result. 

When I run it on the client I get the following result:
Server: Unknown
Address: 192.---.---.-

***_esetsecauth._tcp was not found by Unknown: Non-existent domain.


What am I doing wrong ? 

What do I need to configure to get the SRV to my Client when it´s connected via VPN?

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I am sorry but this question cannot be answered here. You have posted as a guest in the Quick question forum and not to the dedicated forum for ESET Secure Authentication where it could get better attention by the staff versed in ESA. Also this quick question forum is not intended for reporting issues as per this quick forum rules.

I'd recommend opening a support ticket since probably further logs will be needed for investigation.

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